Toddler's Behavior

Around the time of the 1st birthday, when your child officially becomes a toddler, the behavior change can seem baffling. One minute there is laughter, the next there is screaming, with your child on the floor having a temper tantrum. Your toddler is not misbehaving, they are simply coming to terms with the fact that they are individuals. Once you understand your toddler's behavior, you can begin to find ways of dealing with the disruptive aspects.

To toddlers, attention equals love. You can never give your toddler too much attention. This will encourage your child to grow up to be independent and confident adults. If a toddler can't get your attention by doing something good, they'll try to get it by annoying you.

Between their first and second birthdays, movement all around their immediate environment is possible; they can reach shelves, open and close doors, etc. Frustration may prevail if reaching a shelf is not possible. They are then likely to respond with a temper tantrum because your child doesn't have the words to describe how they feel.

The toddler has no sense of the past or future,nor is it important. So if you say "I'll get you a drink in 10 minutes"; it will not mean much. In the same way, if you leave your toddler for a morning with the grandparents, often they don't understand that you will be returning. One of the best ways to deal with this "separation anxiety" is to say goodbye in a calm and cheerful manner.

Toddlers spend a lot of time testing out their power, especially in relation to you, but they need to believe you are in charge as it makes them feel safe. Routines and Rituals are important to young children.