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We at The Baby Company Superstore understand that as a parent, you want only the best for your baby. We also understand that this is not always easy to achieve especially if you cannot get to our store. So we have decided to help you in this regard by establishing this easy to use website. 

Happy Baby Shopping!



We at The Baby Company Superstore care about our customers. Many of our customers become like family. Now we are extending our family with the addition of this website. The purpose of this is to allow you as the parent to look at all our products on offer for your precious baby from the comfort of your home.
All the products on this website have been carefully selected and are all high quality, popular branded goods.
However should you not find a particular product on our site, please make contact with us at The Baby Company Superstore as our store houses over 7000 products– so we will certainly be able to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

Happy Baby Shopping!


Orthopaedic Goods

We also sell aids for the elderly people as well as people whom need assistance after major operations. These include wheelchairs, walking sticks, Rollators, Bath& Shower aids etc. Our range of products includes wheelchairs, walkers, toilet and bathroom aids as well as diagnostic and rehab equipment.

We also supply the Oppo Range which offers a variety of sports supports, ranging from ankle, knee and wrist supports, to various back and shoulder braces. These products are sold to pharmacies, hospitals, old-age homes and medical supply companies and individual customers throughout South Africa and Namibia. 

Our well-trained, professional team is always willing to source new products not found in our range and advise clients on the best products to suit their needs.


Please check the full range on our suppliers website...


Baby Shopping

Furthermore we at The Baby Company Superstore offer you the following service:
Do you plan a stork tea? Then come in to The Baby Company Superstore where we will supply you with your own list and assist you to pick the products you want.
We hope that you as a parent will find this website helpful.
Happy baby shopping.